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Construction and Engineering

Skarabey-2006 EOOD are looking for plots for compensation construction in the Burgas area and on the whole of the Black Sea Coast. We offer the highest rates in Burgas, and we construct beautiful and solid high-quality buildings.

If you own a plot in Burgas (the Vazrazhdane, Slaveykov, Izgrev, Zornitca, Center, Bratya Miladinovi, Sarafovo, or Akaciite areas) or anywhere on the Black Sea Coast, we will give you the highest rates of compensation and will build a prestigious building of memorable architecture with well-maintained grounds. Our buildings are among the most beautiful buildings in the area or the town they are in. Our buildings have luxurious common parts, high quality lifts, well-designed car parks and perfectly situated inside and outside areas. Here you can see some of our buildings



FAIRNESS and INDIVIDUAL APPROACH. Our mission is to be fair with our clients. You will receive the exact number of sq. m. as compensation, together with the suitable situation of your flats, shops and garages. We will take into account all your wishes, in order to turn your flat into a home for you.

THE HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS AND TECHNOLOGY. Our Company uses only high-quality materials from leading world manufacturers. Every piece of material, from concrete to window frames, is carefully chosen so you can be really pleased with your flats! Here are some of the world-famous makes of materials we use: REHAU, CAPAROL, HENKEL, WIENERBERGER, KNAUF, HORMAN, DORMA, WEBER, VELUX and many more. We rely not only on high-quality materials, but also on their use by good professionals.

UNIQUE ARCHITECTURAL STYLE. Our artists and architects will create a beautiful and functional building for you. Our buildings are in harmony. We design the most suitable flats in terms of area, view, and functionality. We are proud of our buildings, and you will be proud of them as people will be envious of you for living in one of the most beautiful buildings! Our buildings bring calmness, because the correct colour scheme, the dynamic architecture and plenty of plants will make you feel happy. We know how to make you happy and we'll do it for you!

 SAFETY AND RELIABILITY. We supply our quality buildings with high-quality lifts, so we guarantee your safety at all times. All electrical installations are made of high-quality cables and reliable materials in order to prevent a possible fire. Our railings are strong and secure to protect you and your children. We conform to all the requirements of the Bulgarian legislation to ensure the quality and reliability of our buildings.

 LOW OPERATING COSTS. We will reduce your electricity and heating bills by using quality materials, quality installation and implementation of new technologies and methods for hydro and thermal insulation. We will use top-class high-quality windows to achieve high energy efficiency and reduce your costs. We put 'smart' lights in common areas with a photocell in order to reduce the monthly bills. Your future costs are our priority!

 THE TOP PRICE FOR YOUR FLAT. We believe that a flat is the safest investment. But if you decide to sell one of your flats, then you will get the highest profit (price per square meter) for it. We guarantee that with its memorable architecture, quality materials and designer execution of every detail, your flat will achieve the highest price possible. Do not underestimate this! It is your long-term investment for you and your children!


We build your buildings with trust and quality, creating your best investment!