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Building Refurbishment

In any building’s life cycle, repairs over a period of time are required to maintain the property in good aesthetic and structural condition. The better-maintained a building, the greater the period between major repairs will be. Regular maintenance work is necessary to preserve the structural strength of the buildings, its good looks and quality.

Renovation and upgrading are performed when changing the designation of the whole building or parts of it. Modernization is also required when the interior design or the functionality of the buildings or premises need a change from the perspective of contemporary design and modern functional requirements.

If you want to change your home and give it a more contemporary and modern look, or if you want to make it more energy-efficient and comfortable for living throughout all seasons of the year, it is a good idea to repair and to insulate it.

Repair work of the premises will make the atmosphere inside healthier and more beautiful. Well-managed properties have a better reputation, higher market price, and, last but not least, give their owners more confidence and of course - comfort of living.

Energy efficiency is an extremely popular subject these days. With high energy efficiency of the building, or even of an individual room, much of the running costs for heating in winter and cooling in summer will be saved. For example, by thermal insulation of the walls you reduce the cost of heat during the cold months, and in warm months you save from cooling the premises. Insulation is not everything you must do to make a building energy-efficient. You also need some more things done to reduce the costs for current needs: hot and cold water, electricity and others.

This is why the repair of a building, or parts of it, can be both interior and exterior to make it more energy-efficient and economical in terms of running costs.