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Sales and consulting

Scarabey-2006 EOOD offers a range of services related to the purchase, sale or maintenance of houses, flats and other real estate properties. Our many years of experience will help you choose the right property for you and remain satisfied with it.

 We design each of our flats as if we will live in it. We are guided by the following rules for the design, construction and sale of our buildings:

  • - We believe that the view from the flat is one of the most important things and we try to ensure that each flat designed by us has a view to the south-west or overlooks the sea or a park.
  • - We make sure all the rooms are of a normal shape so it is easy to furnish them.
  • - We build all of our flats with the least possible common areas, saving you money.
  • - We believe that light makes people better and happier and we create all our flats with large windows for more light.
  • - We assist in the purchase of materials for finishing works and furnishing.
  • - We use quality materials. Quality is of great importance for us.
  • - We are flexible in terms of methods and periods of payment.
  • - We strive to sell you a home, not just a flat. We finish each building innovatively and unconventionally so that one can be proud to live there.


Contact us and we will help you have a fresh start in a new, cosy and different home.